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Window treatments are central to our everyday lives. There we said it. You just may not have thought about them this way. But if you stop to think about it, window treatments provide us all-important privacy and light control in our homes. Some even provide insulation. And, window treatments perform these vital roles all while adding beauty to your home. We're thinking your blinds and shades just moved up a notch or two in the respect category.

Speaking of respect, there is a next-level of functionality - and coolness - that your window treatments can provide to you and your home. That next level is achieved by investing in motorized lift (for shades) or motorized slat control (for blinds).

Here at MADE Blinds, we have sought to make purchasing high-quality window treatments easy and affordable for all. We put in the hard work of sourcing the best quality blinds, shades, shutters and drapes. So when it came time to pick a company to fulfill our motorized blinds and shades orders, the obvious partner choice was Somfy Systems.

When it comes to motorized window treatments, Somfy is the trusted name with the best and quietest electric motors for lift and slat control, which are battery operated by the way that means no cords, easy installation and easy maintenance. Somfy innovation extends to a remote control that allows you to operate one shade or many at the same time, and a user friendly app for your smartphone. You can even connect the operation of your motorized window treatments via your home automation with Somfy. They also offer automatic sensors that will open or close your window treatments depending on the amount of sunlight and the temperature of the room; a great feature for energy efficiency.

Why motorized? Some people purchase motorized window treatments because they have windows that are hard to reach. For others motorized window treatments are just one of many connected solutions in their home. Somfy's integrated motorized solutions and technology opens many possibilities for homeowners, including convenience, energy efficiency, enhanced security and a clean aesthetic because motorized window treatments have no cords. And, no cords is important for child and pet safety, an issue that is gaining more and more attention! Serious issues aside, let's not ignore the coolness factor of being able to press a button and watch your snazzy new window shades rise to the exact level you want!

So if you are ready to take your home and your window treatments to the next-level of function, convenience, integration and flat out Wow-Factor, consider motorized blinds and shades from MADE Blinds and Somfy Systems. Cheers!

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